Northmark - Craftsmanship in Wood

Hardingham Signal Box

2014 Winner of the FirstGroup Craft Skills Award from the prestigious National Railway Heritage Awards scheme!

The client’s project brief was to design and build a complete new locking room for the upper half of the signal box which was located in his yard at Hardingham in Norfolk. Months of research and planning between the client and myself went into the project, referencing original drawings and photographs. All timber had to be cut to order due to size and specifications detailed in the original drawings.

As you will see from the album the locking room had to be accurate in every detail as joints and posts had to locate and match to the top half of the box. Following every detail shown on the original Great Eastern Railway drawings was imperative not only for accuracy but also there was four and a half tons of weight to be sitting on top of it.

A number of months following this build the client then asked me to complete the project by building the staircase and landing shown in the album.