Northmark - Craftsmanship in Wood

Northmark Philosophy


Northmark offers a complete personal service where every piece of work is carried out by Ian to precisely satisfy each client’s individual needs, which may range from a veneered rosewood drum table to fitted bedroom furniture in pine, for example.

Northmark does not produce any "standard" items so your whole experience from initial consultation with Ian through to your finished product will be unique. Ian prides himself on his passion for his work and so no matter how large or small the piece the same care and attention to detail goes into it

Northmark can bring clients’ ideas to life and turn them into reality, resulting in an exclusive item of furniture that will combine elegance and beauty to enhance any room. Likewise, if repair or renovation of damaged furniture is required or specialised joinery is needed, the same principles apply.

In short, Northmark’s philosophy is:

  • To provide professional and honest yet friendly advice to prospective clients.
  • To produce top quality craftsmanship using high grade materials.
  • Not to compromise quality of material merely to cheapen the product.
  • To offer realistic yet reasonable prices.
  • To strive for complete client satisfaction.